I´m a beginner in Yoga practice. How can I start?

If you are a beginner in Yoga practice, you should start by enrolling the beginner´s class. If you have already practice another yoga method, it is advisable to talk with the teacher and then the most appropriate level will be suggested.

Do I need to have my own Yoga mat?

No. All the equipment to practice Yoga is available in the center. However, some students prefer to bring their own mat, which they can leave in the center correctly identified.

How many times a week should I practice?

As often as you like, but to feel the effects of the practice and make progress, it is recommended to do a regular practice at least twice a week.

Do I have to fix a schedule?

Yes, you should choose a schedule and try to attend the same hours for you organization as well as for the teacher´s organization. However, if it´s not possible, for instance, in case of working in shifts, you can change the time by notifying the teacher.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing that doesn´t compromise your movements but not to large, so that the teacher can better observe the alignment. You should feel mostly comfortable. Yoga is practice barefoot. On cold days bring a sweater to wear in the ultimate relaxation posture.

I´m pregnant, can I practice?

Yes. If you have never practiced Yoga, you should not start your practice in the first trimester. From there, there are many advantages in practicing yoga until the end of the pregnancy.

If you are pregnant, talk to the teacher, as you will have specific accompaniment and your practice will be appropriate to your needs /trimester you are.



Do I have to schedule the class before attending?

No. You just need to be in the center 10 to 15 minutes before the class starts. However, if you are new in the center, it is recommended to make a prior contact by email, phone or scheduling a lesson through the website (schedule). Aqui colocar um link.

To attend thematic classes, events or workshops you must first make a registration.

I have a health problem or an injury, can I practice?

Yes, but you should inform the teacher about your health situation in order to have a specific and safe accompaniment.

Can I eat before the class?

It is important to practice on an empty stomach. It is not advisable to practice right after a meal. You should wait 2-3 hours after a main meal and about 1 hour after a light meal.

How long should I be before the class starts?

Ideally 10-15 minutes before so you can dress up quietly and  relax just before the class starts.

In the center there are wc and changing room where you can change clothes?

Yes, there is a male and female WC and changing room.

Does the center also have individual classes?

Yes. These classes should be schedule directly with the teacher upon both availability.

If I´m late can I come in?

If you arrive within 10 minutes after the class starts knock the door and wait, because if the class is going on we may not be able to open the door immediately. It is recommended to arrive on time, but if you have any last minute mishap, don´t hesitate to come if it is a little late.

Is it easy to park the car?

Yes. It is easy to find a place for the car on the center street or in the adjacent streets. There is a parking meter (green area) paid between 9am to 7pm.

What are the alternative car transports?

The bicycle can be locked to the railing in front of the center, the tram (28) and several buses (to sapadores): 712, 735, 726, 730 and 797 and

To Rua da Graça: 734. The metro line is the green line (Intendente) and blue (Santa Apolónia).