IYENGAR Yoga is an excellent method to the development of physical and mental well-being, nurtured through the integration of the body, mind and soul.
  • Improvements in strength, flexibility, general movement and posture are observed, as well as, benefits on vitality, concentration and mental clarity.
  • The length of staying in the postures is unique to this method. Depending on the posture, students may be asked to stay a minute or longer. This approach helps to activate and strengthen the stabilizer muscles. With the stability and space obtained the extension is possible and there is a significant increase in flexibility and range of movements. As the body begins to adapt, the posture naturally improves and the result is a stronger and more agile body.
  •  The internal organs, in particular the cardiovascular, digestive and breathing system are oxygenated. The blood flow and the breathing increase throughout the body prevent diseases and removes toxins. There is also a practical and strong impact on muscle endurance and the immune system.
  • The consciousness of posture and general body relaxation can help relieve pain, especially in the back and neck (common pains that come from stress and too much time spent at the computer). Under the guidance of the teacher, pain relief and injury recovery can be achieved.

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